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Bake This! - West Town Bakery 

Lead Artist [CONTRACT]

AUG 2018- JUN 2019

Bake This! Is an endless shooter where the player plays as a cakeball trying to make their way through various evil treats. The player collects sprinkles as they try to make their way to one of five bosses and increase their score.


Contracted by West Town Bakery & The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group to create a game where players could earn rewards for their score. I with two other team members (Eric Moen and Zac Mascarenas) worked closely with West Town Bakery to develop a product that would look and sound like something that belonged in the restaurant.


WTB wanted a game that people could play really quickly or for a prolonged period of time. After brainstorming and looking at different successful mobile games we decided to go with an endless shooter. This way people can play the game for however long they wanted.

I was given a set of guidelines and general aesthetics when I was tasked with designing the looks of the game. It was decided in the beginning that the player would be a cakeball who level up into a cupcake and then a tiered cake. One of the most popular cakeballs for the bakery was the chocolate with rainbow sprinkles so I decided that was going to be how the player started. From there I made sure every evolution of the player had the same eyes and contained a rainbow.

After the player came the enemies. This one was a bit more challenging for me. I wanted to use a vast amount of different pastries but I also had to remember my art boundaries in trying to. I really wanted to make a brownie but after a ton of iterations that failed I wasn’t able to make a character that wasn’t unsavory looking. I created over 20 different versions of the enemies but settled on seven. I mostly did iterations on enemies that looked like cookies and donuts, again trying to make them look like the ones WTB had in stores. 

After a couple of months of production, WTB told us they wanted to add bosses to the game. They gave me a huge amount of freedom in developing the characters, they only gave me the names and general feel of each character. There are five different bosses in the game, King Caramel, Queen Sprinkletini, Prince Eclair, Princess Cupcake, and Prince Jelly Roll. I asked the team for a ton of feedback on the initial character designs. There was a lot of room for play and I wanted to make the bosses more detailed and thought out than the other enemies.

A HUGE brain twist was trying to make the background. WTB said they wanted a graffiti background which complicated things. Graffiti, in a stereotypical manner, is busy, wild and loud. This was hard for me because everything I had created so far used almost every color. The player contained ROYGBIV and the enemies were created in a similar fashion. On top of that, I had to make a background that was seamless, this meant the image had to be repeated without breaking the look. I initially played with a lot of reds and grays which was a horrible idea, it hurt my eyes to look at in-game and made the game feel really dark. I then tried black and white but again the black made everything melt into one and wasn’t great to look at. I finally decided on grey and white which in my opinion still isn’t awesome but it doesn’t distract the player from the game.

Overall this project was an awesome way to start to learn how people contract their work. It also gave me a perspective on how to communicate and work with partners/ clients. In the future, I think I should invest more time in doing iterations on my art and opening it up to perspectives that aren’t within the team as long as the contract allows for that. Thank you to West Town Bakery and the Fifty/ 50 Restaurant Group for my first gig, it was a pleasure to work with you.