Bake This!

Lead Artist | Aug 2018- Jun 2019 |Team Size: 3

Bake This! Is an endless shooter where the player plays as a cakeball trying to make their way through various evil treats. The player collects sprinkles as they try to make their way to one of five bosses and increase their score.


My Role:

Contracted by West Town Bakery & The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group to create a game where players could earn rewards for their score. I with two other team members (Eric Moen and Zac Mascarenas) worked closely with West Town Bakery to develop a product that would look and sound like something that belonged in the restaurant.


WTB wanted a game that people could play really quickly or for a prolonged period of time. After brainstorming and looking at different successful mobile games we decided to go with an endless shooter. This way people can play the game for however long they wanted.

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