That UFO Game

Producer & Artist | Sept 2019 - Dec 2019 |Team Size: 3

Your alien duty to the planet Zaloriat is to stealthily abduct cows from unsuspecting farmers. Pilot an alien spaceship by spinning a giant UFO controller in That UFO Game. Turn the spaceship to move, sit still to cloak yourself and press a button to activate your tractor beam.  But, watch out for those pesky farmers and their minion roosters; being seen could be could blow your whole mission!

My Role:

As producer and main artist I had a lot of responsibilities. As a producer I set time lines and goals that aligned with in class deadlines. I had the team have twice a week check ins to grasp how we aligned with the goals. I also maintained and updated a burn down chart and well as a schedule chart that tracked individuals tasks. 

The burn down chart to the right uses a template created by my professor Patrick Dwyer for my production class the year before. The graph is a summary of an excel sheet that compares the  "effort" one predicts for a particular task and how long it takes to complete. For this project we followed  the Fibonacci sequence as our point system.  This chart is also not the actual chart I used, it is a recreation since I can't figure out a way to embed a google sheet in a user friendly way. If you wish to see the excel please feel free to email me.

© 2020 Kailey V. Phan Mitchell

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