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That UFO Game 

Producer & Artist

Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

Your alien duty to the planet Zaloriat is to stealthily abduct cows from unsuspecting farmers. Pilot an alien spaceship by spinning a giant UFO controller in That UFO Game. Turn the spaceship to move, sit still to cloak yourself and press a button to activate your tractor beam.  But, watch out for those pesky farmers and their minion roosters; being seen could be could blow your whole mission!

Below is an example of the burn down chart I had for my team leading up to the first milestone, an alpha build. We are currently using an adaptation of the Fibonacci sequence for our point system. While these platforms and programs are not the most efficient way to track a team progress it is how I choose to keep track of this projects progression. If you have any questions please do not hesitate on emailing me.

The burndown chart above is a version of a google sheet I was given in my production class at DePaul. If you scroll down you can see the chart for progress over the first seven weeks of production. 

Above is the schedule I had my team fill-out regularly when they were working on tasks.