Froot Fite

Producer & Artist | Dec 2019 - June 2020 |Team Size: 5

Froot Fite is multi-player fighting game where players squeeze your way to the top by grabbing & attacking your rotten fruit friends. Be the last one standing or get juiced trying.

This project was created for DePaul University's senior capstone class.

My Role:

During Froot Fite's production, I was the team's producer and support artist. 



I worked with the team to help develop our milestones and goals. I then would find how those goals would fit into the class deadlines. To the right are some charts that I created to display the team's progress a couple of weeks into our second 10-week class. 

During the game's lifespan, I was able to work with people who came from various different backgrounds and processes. This helped me learn different ways to help communicate with people and educate myself on how they prefer their workflow. 

Also, as a producer, I helped the team properly scope the game based on our progress from the first quarter. Thankfully, in the 20 weeks, we had to work on this game we were able to have 6 unique fighters and 3 different levels players can fight in. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to continue production of this game but if you have questions about my process feel free to reach out! 

© 2020 Kailey V. Phan Mitchell

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