DePaul Originals Studio

Producer | Nov 2018 - Present |Team Size: 40+

DePaul Originals is a game development studio that is located within DePaul University’s Loop campus. Its focus is the production of high quality game experiences that are delivered on commercial platforms.

My Role:

This is the largest project I have worked on so far in my career. During, I helped professors Allen Turner and Will Meyers develop an atmosphere similar to one that someone can find in the gaming industry. I also worked closely with team leads to help create timelines and task to have three well polished levels. 

Using an online software called as our production software, I made sure all tasks, sprints, team members and epics are maintained and updated. Since this software isn't used in other classes I taught all team members how to use the software. This studio project follows a scrum framework where we have two week sprints for certain milestones as well as over arching epics.

Since there are so many people we have once a week check in with the current active team members to discuss if there's anything preventing progress and the progress of each team.

I also keep loose metrics for each academic quarter, since the project rotates so many new team members it's been difficult for people to fully predict how much work they can do during a sprint. Spring quarter is the first time I've noticed points committed come close to points completed.

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