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3D Modeler

NOV 2018- JUN 2019

Crustacean Royale: Armed with Bullets (C.R.A.B.) is a local arena brawler with a slight twist! You're a crab! and even better you have a Gun! Have a blast smashing and blasting up to 8 friends on the same machine!

C.R.A.B is my friend’s capstone project that I agreed to work on because they needed more artists. I worked as a 3D modeler for the game focusing only on the crabs. I worked closely with my pal Haley to help make the models in a way that would allow her to easily add a rig to the crabs. The aesthetics for the game are PS2, pixelated so I decided to go with a low poly approach to the models.

I created three different kinds of crab models, a normal crab, a spider crab, and a coconut crab. All crabs were selected due to how different they look from each other. I tried to get the crabs to look like the real things as much as I could while still maintaining a low poly feel.

I also helped create the logo for the game. Originally I created a 2D image for the game but I was unable to get it to match the feel of the game. A team member, Zac, and I took one of the models and made it into a 2D image. The using a royalty-free font the team picked out I placed the crab around the font so they looked more integrated. I had a couple iterations of the logo but had to settle due to time.