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Sashimi Slammers 

Producer & Artist


Sashimi Slammers is an alternative controller game where fish are destined to die, duke it out to see who is more honorable. Two players slam on plastic fish controllers which control what two fish do on screen, they try to push their opponent into the deep fryer before they can get pushed in themselves.

I joined this project a little late. The first three team members made this in 10 days for the Game Modification Class at DePaul University. I joined maybe eight months after my teammates made it for class. When I joined the team I did some graphics and helped set up the social media platforms. The game was getting into a fair number of festivals and the original team members wanted to expand the game more so I was asked to come aboard. I now help create UI, 3D assets and take on a producer role to get updates of the game rolling.

I have faced many challenges while creating the logo. The game has a very set aesthetic where it should be dark but colorful at the same time. The logo needed to show what the game was without using words. At first, I started off by just creating a fish but that doesn't tell the audience anything when you look at it. So from there I essentially for the logo I took a screenshot of the game and made it into a 2D logo.

I made the background of this logo blue because I thought it looked nice with the orange and pink colors. While this looked nice the color blue was RARELY found in the game so this version of the logo didn't go along with the game well. I then got some feedback and made it black and now here we are. I really want to iterate on the logo but we don't have enough time in between festivals at the moment to change it without it being confusing.