Sashimi Slammers

Producer | Nov 2018 - Present |Team Size: 5

Sashimi Slammers is an alternative controller game where fish are destined to die, duke it out to see who is more honorable. Two players slam on plastic fish controllers which control what two fish do on screen, they try to push their opponent into the deep fryer before they can get pushed in themselves.

My Role:

During this project I set sprint goals to get the game "festival ready" as well as facilitated weekly in person check in meetings to make sure we obtained the necessary goals.

When we found a festival we wanted to apply to I looked up submission requirements the festival needed. I tried to make timelines that would allow us to have submission components ready a week or two before the submission was due. This allows us to have cushion room incase something goes wrong at the last minute.

*Note we didn't get into GDC alt ctrl 2020*

I joined the team later than the 4 other members. This project was originally created in 10 days over a 10 week time span for a class at DePaul University. I joined after offering to help them prep for Super MagFest 2019. Since joining the team we have successfully showcased at seven festivals in the span of a year.


I also did a redesign of the project's page as well as the logo. This helped the team develop a consistent aesthetic as well as a recognizable logo.

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